Bari Karol Wojtyła Airport (BRI) Passenger and Flight Statistics Q2, 2023

New Q2 Passenger Record Set at Bari Airport - Up 24.80% on Pre-Pandemic Figures

New Q2 Passenger Record Set at Bari Airport - Up 24.80% on Pre-Pandemic Figures and 3.68% up on the same period last year. Despite already setting a new full year passenger number record last year, Bari Airport looks set to continue its remarkable recovery post pandemic to set another new full year record in 2023

Bari Airport (BRI), also known as Bari Karol Wojtyła Airport in Bari, Italy, is a major gateway to the beautiful region of Apulia in southern Italy. The airport is situated a few kilometers northwest of Bari's city center, making it easily accessible for both domestic and international travelers.

It boasts a modern and well-designed terminal that offers a wide range of amenities and facilities to ensure a pleasant and convenient experience for all passengers. Bari Airport operates numerous flights to domestic destinations within Italy, including Rome, Milan, Venice, and Catania, as well as international destinations across Europe.

Comparing Quarter 2 (Q2) Passenger Statistics at Bari Airport in 2023 with the Previous Four Years

Bari Airport faced a downturn in passenger traffic in 2020 due to the pandemic but experienced a remarkable recovery in subsequent years. The significant increase in Quarter 2 of 2023 compared to 2020 reflects an impressive growth rate of over 4,600%, emphasizing the airport's ability to rebound from the impact of the pandemic.

In Quarter 2 of 2019, Bari Airport recorded 1,478,840 passengers. However, due to the pandemic, Q2 2020 saw a significant decline in passenger numbers, with only 39,760 passengers, representing a staggering decrease of 97.31% compared to the previous quarter.

Fortunately, there was a substantial recovery in Q2 2021, with passenger numbers reaching 460,856. This marked an impressive increase of 1059.09% compared to the previous year, indicating a strong rebound from the pandemic's impact.

The positive momentum continued in Q2 2022, with passenger traffic reaching 1,780,057, representing a growth rate of 286.25% compared to the previous year.

The most recent data shows that Q2 2023 grew further, with passenger numbers reaching 1,845,594. Although the percentage increase compared to the previous year was relatively modest at 3.68%, Bari Airport has maintained a steady upward trajectory in passenger traffic.

When considering the passenger trends over the past four years, Bari Airport experienced steady growth from 2018 to 2019, with an increase of 10.15% in passenger numbers. However, as mentioned earlier, the global pandemic severely impacted travel, resulting in a substantial decline of 69.28% in 2020.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Bari Airport demonstrated resilience and recovery in 2021, with passenger numbers reaching 3,298,253, representing a significant increase of 92.60% compared to the previous year. This positive trend continued in 2022, with a further growth rate of 88.14%, resulting in 6,205,453 passengers.

Passenger and flight statistics for Bari Karol Wojtyła Airport (BRI) comparing Q2, 2023 and the past 4 years and full year flights data
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Analysis of Flight Statistics and Trends for July 2023

The flight statistics and trends for July 2023 at Bari Airport reflect a diverse mix of destinations, focusing on international and domestic travel. The presence of renowned airlines further enhances the accessibility and options available to passengers flying from this hub.

The top country destinations from Bari Airport included Italy, Germany, France, Greece, and the United Kingdom, indicating a mix of domestic and international travel.

Among the international destinations, Paris, London, Tirana, Munich, and Budapest were popular for travelers departing from Bari Airport. These cities offered a variety of cultural experiences, business opportunities, and tourist attractions.

For domestic travel within Italy, Milan, Rome, Bergamo, Venice, and Bologna emerged as the top destinations. These cities are all prominent centers for commerce, tourism, and historical landmarks, attracting travelers from Bari and beyond.

Regarding airlines operating at Bari Airport, Ryanair, ITA Airways, Wizz Air, easyJet, and Volotea were the top players. These airlines offer various routes and services, catering to budget-conscious and premium travelers.

Analyzing Passenger Trends: Quarter-to-Quarter Comparison

The passenger statistics at Bari Airport indicate a substantial recovery from the low point experienced in Q2 2020 due to the pandemic. The year-on-year comparison shows a remarkable growth rate of 4,641% in Q2 2023, making it the highest quarter on record. However, it is important to note that the growth rate is calculated from a significantly reduced base in Q2 2020.

Comparing Q2 of 2019 and Q2 of 2023, there was a notable increase in passenger numbers. In Q2 2019, the airport recorded 1,478,840 passengers; in Q2 2023, the number rose to 1,845,594. This represents an astonishing increase of 4,641% in passenger traffic over the four years.Q2 2023 is the highest quarter in passenger numbers, surpassing all previous records.

The previous highest quarter was Q2 2022, with 1,780,057 passengers. The difference between Q2 2023 and the previous highest quarter is relatively small at 3.68%. Furthermore, when considering matching quarters (Q2 vs. Q2), Q2 2023 remains the highest, with 1,845,594 passengers.

The previous highest matching quarter was Q2 2022, with 1,780,057 passengers. Again, the difference between Q2 2023 and the previous highest matching quarter is 3.68%.

In contrast, the lowest quarter for passenger numbers at Bari Airport was Q2 2020, with only 39,760 passengers due to the impact of the pandemic.

When comparing Q2 2023 with the lowest previous quarter, there is a significant increase of 4,541.84%. Similarly, when comparing Q2 2023 with the lowest matching quarter (Q2 2020), there is a remarkable increase of 4,541.84%.

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