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Bari International Airport Train Transfers

The FM2 line of the Bari Metropolitan Railway Service is a railway line that connects the Bari International Airport to the Bari Centrale Railway Station in Bari, Italy.

It is operated by Ferrotramviaria company and consists of two stations:

  • Bari International Airport Station
  • Bari Centrale Railway Station

Bari Metropolitan Railway Service - FM2 Line

FM2 line of the Bari Metropolitan Railway Service connects Bari International Airport (Aeroporto di Bari-Karol Wojtyła) to Bari Centrale Railway Station (Stazione Centrale di Bari) in the city of Bari, Italy. It takes approximately 17 minutes at the cost of 5€ one way to get to Bari Centrale Railway Station.

Bari Metropolitan Railway Service

This railway has two lines joining the central railway station, located in the city center, with the dormitory suburb San Paolo (FM1 line), the Bari International Airport, and the city of Bitonto (FM2 line).

It is operated by Ferrotramviaria, a private railway company in Italy. It manages the Ferrovie del Nord Barese network, composed of the Bari–Barletta railway and the Bari metropolitan railway service.

There is also an urban train service run by the national railway operator Trenitalia between Molfetta and Mola di Bari.

  • In 1999, the Bari City Council approved the construction of a commuter rail line to the dormitory town of San Paolo.
  • The railway line was inaugurated on June 24, 2008, and services were made available to the general public on December 22, 2008, following a successful test run.
  • On July 20, 2013, the new Bitonto-to-Karol Wojtyla Airport line FM2 was inaugurated.

The following is a list of Bari Metropolitan Railway Stations served.

  • Bari International Airport (Aeroporto di Bari-Karol Wojtyła)
  • Bari Centrale (Stazione Centrale di Bari)
  • Bitonto
  • Bitonto SS. Medici
  • Brigata Bari
  • Cittadella
  • Europa
  • Fesca-San Girolamo
  • Francesco Crispi
  • Ospedale
  • Palese
  • Quintino Sella
  • San Gabriele
  • Tesoro

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Bari Centrale Railway Station (Stazione Centrale di Bari)

Ensuring smooth train travel in Southern Italy, Bari Centrale is a significant rail hub providing connections to nearby cities and long-distance routes. It is located in the heart of Bari, making it easy to access nearly any location on your itinerary.

The station has shops and several restaurants to grab a bite, ticket offices, restrooms, a waiting area, and a luggage storage area. Bari Centrale is the city's major train station and the seat of Apulia's government. With more than 14 million passengers annually, it ranks as one of Italy's busiest rail hubs.

The first platform was constructed in 1864, and five more were added between 1906. It was expanded and remodeled in the first half of the 20th century. The most recent rehabilitation effort began in 1946, following World War II's devastation of the region.

Bari Centrale is located in the city's heart on Aldo Moro Square. Bari (Piazza Aldo Moro). It has 16 platforms for passenger service at this enormous interchange station (13 for FS trains, 3 for FSE).

  • The Centrale is a significant transit hub for several major Apulia regional services. Bari-Taranto (FS) and Bari-Martina Franca-Taranto (FS) all pass through the station (FSE).
  • Three distinct sections make up the station. With 16 platforms, the main station is utilized by Trenitalia and FSE alike.
  • The Ferrotramviaria and Ferrovie Appulo Lucane train stations have 3 and 2 platforms on the west side of the Piazza Aldo Moro.

Many long-distance trains, including Eurostar trains (Frecciargento and Frecciabianca), InterCity trains (to Milan and Bologna), and Express trains (to Turin and Venice), serve the city.

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