Flights, Arrivals & Departures at Bari Karol Wojtyła Airport

Origin Airline Flight no. Scheduled Est./Actual Status
Rome (FCO) Ryanair FR5816 06:50 Scheduled
Milan (MXP) Ryanair FR2770 07:35 Scheduled
Karlsruhe Baden Baden (FKB) Ryanair FR8773 08:00 Scheduled
Venice (VCE) Ryanair FR4740 08:40 Scheduled
Verona (VRN) Ryanair FR3981 09:25 Scheduled
Bergamo (BGY) Ryanair FR3653 09:50 Scheduled
Milan (LIN) Hibernian Airlines AZ1635 (1) 10:20 Scheduled
Milan (LIN) Air France AF9779 10:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) ITA Airways AZ1617 (11) 10:35 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Aerolineas Argentinas AR7186 10:35 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Air France AF9830 10:35 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) AirSERBIA JU7360 10:35 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) China Airlines CI9267 10:35 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) China Southern Airlines CZ7350 10:35 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Delta Air Lines DL6697 10:35 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Ethiopian Airlines ET4018 10:35 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Etihad Airways EY2823 10:35 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Hainan Airlines HU8145 10:35 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Kenya Airways KQ4323 10:35 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Luxair LG1259 10:35 Scheduled
Prague (PRG) Ryanair FR3975 11:40 Scheduled
Dusseldorf (NRN) Ryanair FR7524 12:10 Scheduled
Turin (TRN) Ryanair FR6180 12:20 Scheduled
Tirana (TIA) Wizz Air W46601 12:35 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) Transavia HV5819 (2) 12:50 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) Delta Air Lines DL7490 12:50 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL2555 12:50 Scheduled
Palermo (PMO) Ryanair FR4100 13:20 Scheduled
London (STN) Ryanair FR1905 13:35 Scheduled
Gudja (MLA) Malta Air FR7108 13:40 Scheduled
Manises (VLC) Ryanair FR1610 13:55 Scheduled
Bologna (BLQ) Ryanair FR549 14:00 Scheduled
Vienna (VIE) Lauda Europe FR9482 14:25 Scheduled
Milan (LIN) Hibernian Airlines AZ1653 14:45 Scheduled
Sofia (SOF) Wizz Air W64361 14:55 Scheduled
Paris (BVA) Ryanair FR3979 15:15 Scheduled
Bucharest (OTP) Wizz Air W43165 15:50 Scheduled
Sofia (SOF) Ryanair FR5453 16:35 Scheduled
Bergamo (BGY) Ryanair FR4132 16:50 Scheduled
Milan (MXP) easyJet U23527 17:00 Scheduled
Pisa (PSA) Ryanair FR6184 17:30 Scheduled
Munich (MUC) Air Dolomiti EN8218 (3) 17:40 Scheduled
Munich (MUC) Air China CA6454 17:40 Scheduled
Munich (MUC) All Nippon Airways NH6860 17:40 Scheduled
Munich (MUC) Lufthansa LH9468 17:40 Scheduled
Sharm El Sheikh (SSH) Air Cairo SM813 (1) 18:30 Scheduled
Sharm El Sheikh (SSH) Egyptair MS8213 18:30 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) ITA Airways AZ1607 (14) 18:45 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Aerolineas Argentinas AR7192 18:45 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Air Baltic BT5597 18:45 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Air Europa UX3199 18:45 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Air France AF9820 18:45 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Bulgaria Air FB1633 18:45 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Etihad Airways EY2822 18:45 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) KLM KL3416 18:45 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Kuwait Airways KU6270 18:45 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Luxair LG1257 18:45 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Royal Air Maroc AT9168 18:45 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Royal Jordanian RJ3559 18:45 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Saudia SV6237 18:45 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) TAP Air Portugal TP7236 18:45 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Turkish Airlines TK9198 18:45 Scheduled
Milan (LIN) ITA Airways AZ1633 (2) 19:10 Scheduled
Milan (LIN) Air France AF9780 19:10 Scheduled
Milan (LIN) KLM KL3496 19:10 Scheduled
Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK1465 19:30 Scheduled
Brussels (CRL) Ryanair FR79 19:45 Scheduled
Madrid (MAD) Ryanair FR2760 19:50 Scheduled
Trieste (TRS) Ryanair FR3582 20:00 Scheduled
Berlin (BER) Ryanair FR3309 20:10 Scheduled
Budapest (BUD) Ryanair FR5190 20:15 Scheduled
Milan (MXP) easyJet U23529 21:15 Scheduled
Budapest (BUD) Wizz Air W62361 21:25 Scheduled
Tirana (TIA) Wizz Air Malta W46647 21:55 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Ryanair FR7075 22:00 Scheduled
Podgorica (TGD) Luxwing BN1301 22:19 Scheduled
Milan (MXP) Ryanair FR6182 22:35 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) ITA Airways AZ1603 (13) 22:55 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Aerolineas Argentinas AR7290 22:55 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Air Europa UX3111 22:55 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Air France AF9822 22:55 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Air Malta KM2515 22:55 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) AirSERBIA JU7304 22:55 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Bulgaria Air FB1635 22:55 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Etihad Airways EY2974 22:55 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) KLM KL3415 22:55 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Korean Air KE5619 22:55 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Luxair LG1267 22:55 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Royal Air Maroc AT9167 22:55 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) TAP Air Portugal TP7240 22:55 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Turkish Airlines TK8399 22:55 Scheduled
Milan (LIN) ITA Airways AZ1645 (2) 23:30 Scheduled
Milan (LIN) Air France AF9812 23:30 Scheduled
Milan (LIN) KLM KL3499 23:30 Scheduled
Verona (VRN) Ryanair FR4030 23:50 Scheduled
Destination Airline Flight no. Scheduled Est./Actual Status
Verona (VRN) Ryanair FR3980 06:15 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) ITA Airways AZ1602 (19) 06:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Aerolineas Argentinas AR7187 06:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Air Europa UX3108 06:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Air France AF9836 06:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) AirSERBIA JU7303 06:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Bulgaria Air FB1636 06:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) China Airlines CI9264 06:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) China Southern Airlines CZ7362 06:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Delta Air Lines DL6696 06:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Etihad Airways EY2818 06:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Hainan Airlines HU8146 06:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Kenya Airways KQ4322 06:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) KLM KL3418 06:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Kuwait Airways KU6278 06:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Luxair LG1258 06:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Royal Air Maroc AT9165 06:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Royal Jordanian RJ3551 06:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) TAP Air Portugal TP7235 06:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Tarom RO9680 06:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Turkish Airlines TK9386 06:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Ryanair FR5817 07:15 Scheduled
London (STN) Ryanair FR1906 07:30 Scheduled
Milan (MXP) Ryanair FR2771 08:00 Scheduled
Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden (FKB) Ryanair FR8772 08:25 Scheduled
Venice (VCE) Ryanair FR4739 09:05 Scheduled
Paris (BVA) Ryanair FR3978 09:50 Scheduled
Milan (BGY) Ryanair FR3654 10:15 Scheduled
Milan (LIN) Hibernian Airlines AZ1636 (2) 11:05 Scheduled
Milan (LIN) Air France AF9778 11:05 Scheduled
Milan (LIN) KLM KL3504 11:05 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) ITA Airways AZ1612 (15) 11:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Aerolineas Argentinas AR7307 11:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Air Baltic BT5503 11:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Air Europa UX3110 11:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Air France AF9837 11:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) AirSERBIA JU7184 11:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Etihad Airways EY2820 11:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Kenya Airways KQ4324 11:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) KLM KL3417 11:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Korean Air KE5620 11:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Luxair LG1260 11:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Royal Air Maroc AT9164 11:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Royal Jordanian RJ3560 11:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Saudia SV6238 11:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) TAP Air Portugal TP7241 11:20 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Turkish Airlines TK9387 11:20 Scheduled
Zurich (ZRH) VistaJet H5387 12:00 Scheduled
Prague (PRG) Ryanair FR3974 12:05 Scheduled
Weeze (NRN) Ryanair FR7525 12:35 Scheduled
Turin (TRN) Ryanair FR6181 12:45 Scheduled
Tirana (TIA) Wizz Air W46602 13:30 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) Transavia HV5820 (2) 13:35 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) Delta Air Lines DL7518 13:35 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL2531 13:35 Scheduled
Palermo (PMO) Ryanair FR4099 13:45 Scheduled
Podgorica (TGD) Luxwing BN5332 14:00 Scheduled
Malta (MLA) Malta Air FR7107 14:05 Scheduled
Valencia (VLC) Ryanair FR1611 14:20 Scheduled
Bologna (BLQ) Ryanair FR548 14:25 Scheduled
Vienna (VIE) Lauda Europe FR9483 14:55 Scheduled
Berlin (BER) Ryanair FR3310 15:20 Scheduled
Milan (LIN) Hibernian Airlines AZ1652 15:30 Scheduled
Sofia (SOF) Wizz Air W64362 15:30 Scheduled
Bucharest (OTP) Wizz Air W43166 16:25 Scheduled
Trieste (TRS) Ryanair FR3581 16:40 Scheduled
Milan (BGY) Ryanair FR4131 17:15 Scheduled
Sofia (SOF) Ryanair FR5454 17:30 Scheduled
Milan (MXP) easyJet U23528 17:35 Scheduled
Pisa (PSA) Ryanair FR6185 17:55 Scheduled
Munich (MUC) Air Dolomiti EN8219 (3) 18:25 Scheduled
Munich (MUC) Air China CA6463 18:25 Scheduled
Munich (MUC) All Nippon Airways NH6861 18:25 Scheduled
Munich (MUC) Lufthansa LH9469 18:25 Scheduled
Sharm el-Sheikh (SSH) Air Cairo SM814 (1) 19:30 Scheduled
Sharm el-Sheikh (SSH) Egyptair MS8214 19:30 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) ITA Airways AZ1606 (5) 19:30 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Aerolineas Argentinas AR7249 19:30 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Air Malta KM2514 19:30 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Bulgaria Air FB1634 19:30 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Ethiopian Airlines ET4019 19:30 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Etihad Airways EY2819 19:30 Scheduled
Milan (LIN) ITA Airways AZ1630 19:55 Scheduled
Brussels (CRL) Ryanair FR78 20:10 Scheduled
Madrid (MAD) Ryanair FR2761 20:15 Scheduled
Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK1466 20:30 Scheduled
Milan (BGY) Ryanair FR4659 20:40 Scheduled
Verona (VRN) Ryanair FR4029 20:40 Scheduled
Budapest (BUD) Ryanair FR5191 21:00 Scheduled
Budapest (BUD) Wizz Air W62362 22:00 Scheduled
Milan (MXP) easyJet U23530 22:00 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Ryanair FR7074 22:25 Scheduled
Tirana (TIA) Wizz Air Malta W46648 22:30 Scheduled
Milan (MXP) Ryanair FR6183 23:00 Scheduled

Flying To and From Bari Karol Wojtyła Airport

This page provides information about the destinations that can be reached via Bari Karol Wojtyła Airport.

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